The development of Hydromatch

Hydromatch was developed by hydro power specialists, Hydromatch Ltd in the United Kingdom.  

The idea for the online application was originally conceived by hydropower engineer Dr Phil Maher in 2007:

 "Selecting and modelling hydropower systems for new sites can be a time consuming process. Furthermore, staying on top of the variety of systems available in the market can be difficult in the hydropower sector. We wanted to be able to offer people a cost-effective service to establish project viability early on and so developing software to do the number crunching was a logical step. There has been a rapid acceleration of interest in the renewables sector including hydropower over the last  few years and we realised that the same software could have a much wider user base if we took it online.

To shortcut the development process further, we want the equipment details to be defined by the manufacturers themselves.

As hydropower sites are so varied, a searchable database of installed schemes in order to learn from what has been achieved elsewhere is useful. It also provides great potential for installers and contractors to showcase their portfolio."

Hydromatch helps developers and consultants to keep up with market developments and rapidly identify suitable equipment, then evaluate scheme designs.

Hydromatch has a database of case studies which is searchable by site conditions, turbine type, power output, location and installer. Installers can upload case studies of their installations.

For manufacturers of hydropower related equipment, there is a challenge to reach potential developers in areas where there is no active supplier network and no existing installations. Given a particular set of site conditions, Hydromatch provides a platform to enable developers to quickly assess all available equipment options, and then contact relevant suppliers.

Hydromatch has been 'in the pipeline' since 2010. The latest version of the website was launched in 2015.

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