Different user types

Site developers

Hydromatch enables you to evaluate the practical options for generating renewable electricity using water power.

Hydropower systems are designed around the available resource. Enter (or upload) site information and use Hydromatch to identify the most appropriate systems. A summary describing operation can be printed out and sent to suppliers and installers for comment and prices. Once the design has been confirmed, submit the Hydromatch report with your licensing application and get your project underway.


Hydromatch provides a different route for hydropower equipment to reach new markets

Potential clients bring data to the site which is then used as the basis of system filtering. This enables enquiries to be screened, ensuring that only relevant referrals are received.

There are several advantages for manufactuers and suppliers:

1. Set turbine and generator operating ranges (head,flow, power) for identification in the developer modelling software

2. Receive referrals that are relevant to the specific turbines.

Contact us for more information: info@hydromatch.com