"I found the link to your Hydromatch app and then the 10 step guide. I thought that these would be fantastic tools to share with local residents for them to test out the potential of their own sites."

Kendra Turnbull, LIFE Project Officer Lochaber Environmental Group


"We used Hydromatch to model the performance of our own 60 kW Kaplan scheme and found the results to be remarkably detailed and accurate. This is a versatile piece of software which will be useful to anyone planning a new hydropower project."

Anthony Battersby, Director River Energy Networks Ltd
Chairman Mendip Power Group


"I will be mentioning Hydromatch at the next Community Hydro Forum workshop and encouraging groups to use this excellent tool. Likewise for any enquiries I get through the Micro Hydro Association.

Kate Gilmartin, Micro Hydro Association Administrator